Become Your Patients' Hero!

Specifically Written for the Occlusion-Focused Dentist

9 Secrets for Creating Exceptional Trust and New Income For Your Dental Practice.
This book:
  • Is a short, succinct read (takes about an hour to read)
  • Gives tips on offering the best treatment without pushing or selling dentistry
  • Is key to helping patients understand critical concepts
  • Provides stories of dental practices that were transformed when the lead dentists took on board specific lessons
  • Explains why common sales-closing techniques don’t fit with most dentists; a no-pressure approach is a better way for most
  • Can help triple Invisalign acceptances
  • Shows how gaining patients respect and trust, while they take ownership of their dental problems leads to them asking you to provide the solutions.

“Understanding occlusion can be difficult and complex and communicating it to patients even more so.

This wonderful book offers you a better way to gain patient trust, and ownership of their problems with the ultimate result in allowing you to provide the necessary treatment for a successful outcome. And don’t overlook their offer to try BiteFX live!”

- Howard S. Glazer, DDS, FAGD, Past President, Academy of General Dentistry, Columnist: Dental Economics



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  Becoming Your Patients’ Hero Book
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Becoming Your Patients’ Hero ‘Origin Story’

origin story hero secrets

The journey to begin writing “Becoming Your Patients’ Hero” began when Doug Brown, BiteFX CEO, was having a casual conversation with Drs. Alain Aube and Don Reid at the yearly BiteFX mastermind meeting.

As per usual, the conversation sifted through a variety of semi-interesting topics before settling on something that intrigued both CEO and dentist and had them talking until the wee hours of the night – What is it that creates such a large disparity between dentists?

How do some become so magnificently successful, while others struggle to meet month to month payments?

Is there some secret sauce that makes some dentists just ‘get it’ while others keep searching for this answer?

Though I can’t say they solved this problem that very night, it did set in motion a train of research, interviews, and ‘Aha!’ moments over the course of the following months that (along with the mentoring of High Impact Short Books Expert, Mike Capuzzi) led to the writing of “Becoming Your Patients’ Hero”.

In the 112 pages of this book, Doug shares the 9 ‘secrets’ that he discovered to have made the biggest differences to bringing dentists success - and includes stories that top dentists shared with him as an example of the best way to apply these secrets into your own practice.

What Others are Saying About the Book

Dr. Hugh Lamont “…Succinct…”

“Now we finally have it. A succinct book that is useful for kindling an appreciation for the diverse ramifications of TM dysfunction. Read it, understand it, and reap the benefits. It will be time well spent.”

- Hugh Lamont, DDS, MSc, FRCD(C) Orthodontist
Dr. Hal Stewart “…Incredibly well written…”

“Becoming Your Patient’s Hero is an incredibly well-written and thoughtful book created for the dental physician who wants to be so much more than a “tooth doctor”.  It is both encouraging and enlightening and I recommend it highly for anyone in the dental profession!”

- Hal Stewart, DDS, CEO: The Stewart Center for Minimally Invasive Dental Medicine (Formally The Texas Center)
Dr. Dewitt Wilkerson “…Inspirational resource…”

““Becoming Your Patients’ Hero” is a tremendous inspirational resource for those whose goal is to positively impact and change lives every day! The visual graphics of BiteFX, the testimonials of world class clinicians, and the experienced insights of Don and Doug, will guide all who read it into greater success and significance for years to come!”

- DeWitt C Wilkerson, DMD, Senior Faculty/ Director of Dental Medicine, The Dawson Academy, Past-President American Equilibration Society (AES), Past-President American Academy for Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH)
Dr. Mike Racich “…numerous communication pearls.”

“I often tell dentists whom I mentor: “at least half of an occlusal equilibration is done in the consultation room”. This well written, easy to read book is a testament to this observation, with numerous communication pearls.”

- Mike Racich, DMD Clinician, Author, Lecturer, Mentor
Dr. Michael Melkers “…can’t believe what I’ve been missing…”

When I read "Becoming Your Patients' Hero”, I just had to smack myself in the forehead. I cannot believe the opportunity and resource that I have been missing using with my own patients. This book is a roadmap and recipe to easily implement an educational well source. Monday morning is going to be different at Lyme Road Dental!”

- Michael J. Melkers, DDS, MAGD (Master, Academy of General Dentistry), Founder Dr. Melkers' Seminars, Visiting Faculty, The Pankey Institute, Visiting Faculty, Riga Stradins University,
Dr. Michael Monokian “…not another CE Junky…”

“I pride myself on trying not to be another “CE Junky”. I always strive to implement what I learn. BiteFX along with this great book have helped me to implement all the things I’ve learned over the years by helping to simplify the complexities of occlusion to my patients.

- Michael Monokian, DMD
Dr. Steve Killian “…couldn’t have come at a better time…”

“As a lab owner and busy technologist, I function as a valued source in the treatment planning process with my dentist clients. Having the book under my arm allows me to recall the stories within to help strengthen our planning and resolve for the patient. This book could not have come at a better time to supplement my own copy of BiteFX software.”

- Steve Killian, CDT, President Killian Dental Ceramics, Inc., CDL
Dr. Gayle Fletcher “…an insight of what works and what doesn’t…”

“Don and Doug have done it again! This easy to follow book will provide every practitioner with an insight of what works and what doesn’t. The stories told by doctors will help the reader find a better approach to getting the message out without “Muddying” the waters and overwhelming the patient. Knowledge gained through years of training is often stuck on a shelf with no clear way of putting it to use. Put down your pen and paper and let BiteFX help you dust off that knowledge and Become your Patients’ Hero.”

- Gayle J. Fletcher, DDS, PA
Dr. Glenn E. DuPont “…helps understand occlusion better…”

“This book is extremely helpful in many ways. First, it helps the dentist understand occlusion better.  This is the key to being an exceptional dentist because it allows for a level of diagnosis and treatment planning that too many dentists lack. The second critical way that it helps is in helping our communication with our patients relative to occlusion and occlusal therapy. I would highly recommend this book to every practicing dentist.”

- Glenn E. DuPont, DDS, Lead Faculty at The Dawson Academy, Past President of The Florida Academy of Dental Practice Administration, Past President of The American Academy of Restorative Dentistry, Past President of the Pinellas County Dental Association
Dr. Jay Harris Levy “…understand their problems…”

“The first step along the pathway to becoming a master dentist is to acquire the knowledge and skills to solve the orofacial problems of our patients that are related to occlusion of the teeth.  The second step is acquiring communication skills to enable patients to understand their problems and accept treatment.  Knowing what you can do to bring comfort and health to your patients is one thing but enacting your vision is quite another. This little book “Becoming Your Patient’s Hero” tells the stories of master dentists who travel this path daily. Stepping out of your comfort zone and enacting your vision of creating optimal oral health is good for your patient and it is good for you!   This book and the BiteFX demonstration videos that accompany it can help you enact your vision.”

- Jay Harris Levy, DDS