Dental Occlusion Definition


In dentistry your occlusion basically refers to how your teeth come together. It's more than just your “bite” as you can bite in different ways depending on whether you are chewing or attempting to take a bite out of something. You also bring your teeth together when you swallow and may bring them together in quite different ways when you sleep and are not consciously guiding them one way or another. The term “occlusion” refers to how your teeth come together in all these different ways.

Malocclusion, occlusal disease, or a bad bite, refers to situations in which the upper and lower teeth, or jaw, are misaligned and come together in ways that can damage or destroy teeth.

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Video Transcript

Using BiteFX to explain dental occlusion.

Occlusion refers to how your teeth come together.

These contacts can be healthy or unhealthy.

This can be in ways teeth are designed to contact or ways in which they shouldn't contact - often with destructive results.

A sound understanding of all aspects of occlusion are an essential element in delivering quality dentistry.