BiteFX: Dental Marketing Ideas

Looking to add another dimension to your occlusion-focused dental practice marketing?

Here are some ideas incorporating BiteFX:

  1. Distinguish yourself by letting website visitors know you use BiteFX
    With the help of the BiteFX Marketing Media Kit you can communicate that you are a different type of dentist with a real concern for your patients' excellent oral health.
  2. Make sure your staff are fully on-board with your occlusion-based treatments
    Comments from many BiteFX customers and their staff members indicate that it wasn't until the staff saw occlusion explained with BiteFX that they fully understood how important occlusion was to the practice. Do not assume your staff understand the importance of occlusion, unless they have seen a clear, visual explanation – preferably from your lips! When they understand this vital element of the service you provide, their enthusiasm will increase and your other marketing efforts will be backed-up by their conviction that you provide the best.
  3. Give prospective patients the message you really care with personal BiteFX-assisted explanations
    When new patients experience your clear, concise explanations of why the understanding and application of occlusal principles is vital to the health of their mouths, made possible by the vivid animations in BiteFX, they know that you are different from other dentists they have experienced.
  4. Increase referrals through informed staff and patients
    Both staff and patients who understand your strengths will help bring new patients to you. They understand because you've made occlusion concepts obvious to them with the help of BiteFX.
  5. Explain to local physicians how some chronic headaches can have dental solutions
    Many physicians are pulling their hair out with frustration because they have been unable to help cure patients suffering from chronic headaches. A reasonable proportion of these sufferers can be helped by occlusion-aware dentists. A meeting over lunch during which you use BiteFX to explain the symptoms and treatments for occlusally-induced headaches can yield a regular flow of referrals from your doctor friends. Check whether they or their wives have any symptoms you can treat – if you transform their lives you can be sure of their faithful support.
  6. Advertise a reception during which you explain the types of problems you treat, supported by some patients willing to share how you helped them
    Offer wine, hors d'oeuvres, and an enticing subject. Introduce the topic with some captivating visuals using BiteFX, to lay the foundation of what is going on. Hand over to some of your excited past patients who can describe their problems and how you solved them. Wrap up with some more visuals confirming what your patients were experiencing and how you helped them. You'll have registered with your audience that you are the go-to dentist for anyone experiencing similar issues.

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Using BiteFX was so easy.
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