BiteFX Gives You Everything You Need to
Educate Your Patients And Get Them Moving
Forward With Treatment!

(Without Having to Feel Like A Pushy Salesperson)

Easily Communicate Key Dental Concepts to Your Patients
Increase Case Acceptance Rates and Practice Income

Show & Tell

Show & Tell
Help patients see the relationships between teeth, condyles/TMJs and muscles quickly and easily

Seeing & Believing

Seeing & Believing
When patients see your explanations clearly explaining their symptoms, their belief and trust in you soars

Patient Respect

Patient Respect
If patients can see you are offering solutions that are best for them, you will gain their respect

BiteFX Memberships Include:

Features BiteFX Premium Basic BiteFX Premium Gold BiteFX Premium Platinum
Use of BiteFX Software on Windows
BiteFX on the iPad
Free Access to BiteFX Webinars
Unlimited QuickStart Coaching
Access to an Extensive Online Library of Marketing Tools

Use of BiteFX Software on Windows

Access all 5 Presentation Template groups

171+ BiteFX animations

156+ Images

Installs onto up to 8 of your Windows computers

New animations released monthly!

Use of BiteFX Software on Windows
BiteFX on iPad

BiteFX on on iPad

Access all the animations, pictures, and templates

Portable and fun! Take BiteFX with you everywhere you go – courses, between your practice’s rooms, or even home.

Or place in your patients’ hands for a more personal experience!

BiteFX Insiders’ Secrets and Tips Webinars

Monthly Webinars

Prominent Dental Professionals

Learn the most effective techniques and gain the latest information

Grow your knowledge in the world of dental occlusion

BiteFX Insiders’ Secrets and Tips Webinars
BiteFX QuickStart Coaching

BiteFX QuickStart Coaching

Step-by-step expert coaching in how to use BiteFX effectively so you make a quick start implementing it in your practice

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    All Premium editions (Basic, Gold, Platinum) include:
  • Dawson Starter, Staff Training, Hygienist, Detailed Presentations and Issues and Treatments presentation sets
  • Over 180 animations and 150 pictures
  • Printable Session Reports to send home with your patients
  • Import patient images to personalize presentations
  • Sharing your presentations on your network
  • 8 Licenses for use on Windows Computers (additional licenses can be purchased for a onetime fee of $50/license)
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