Boosting Dental Patient Marketing with BiteFX

Do you consider yourself to be an occlusion-aware dentist – one who has probably gone through continuing education with any one of a number of institutions that stress the need for a good understanding of occlusion as the foundation for quality dentistry? If you do, then you are likely offering a service and perspective that is a notch (or several notches) above many of your dentist colleagues in your area.

How do you communicate your superiority in your dental patient marketing plans?

BiteFX helps boost your marketing to patients in the following ways:

  1. Mentioning that you use BiteFX indicates that you are a dentist who really cares about your patients. Not only have you taken the time to understand occlusion, a critical element for your patients' oral health, but you've purchased the best product to help them understand this aspect of your care for them.
  2. By helping your current patients understand occlusion their motivation to recommend you to their friends and associates increases. Dentists who use BiteFX frequently are told by their patients, "No one has ever taken the time to explain this to me before!" or are asked, "Why has no one explained this to me?"
    Because you used BiteFX you stand out as different from the other dentists.
  3. BiteFX is designed as a clinical tool. This means you use it to help communicate your expertise to your patients. How you make this communication is unique to you – you aren't just sitting your patients down in front of a video, narrated by some other person, while you go off to attend to another patient (or sit lamely beside them watching what you've seen dozens of times before). Your patients appreciate that they have your full attention and recognize that they are hearing words tailored uniquely for them. Patients who feel special, and see the results of your higher quality treatment, give you more referrals.
  4. BiteFX animations look great and really help people understand why you are proposing occlusion-based treatments. Thus BiteFX helps you complete the final stage of your dental patient marketing plan by increasing the number of patients who accept your proposals of what is best for them.

    BiteFX animations help boost dental patient marketing plansExample of a BiteFX great-looking animation
  5. You can use the BiteFX Marketing Media Kit to enhance your website with words and video that let the patients know you are different from the average dentist and offer treatment that sets you apart.

Discover how BiteFX helps set you apart:

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  3. Talk to some BiteFX customers by requesting the BiteFX Professional Reference List. We'll send you a list of dentists who will be happy to share with you about their experiences with BiteFX.
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What people are saying about BiteFX::

BiteFX has been an amazing addition to our consultation experience! Our patients, both new and existing, have given rave
— Richard Rogers, DDS
When my dentist used the animations to show me the reason all of my back teeth were worn down and loose, I immediately accepted his entire treatment recommendations. I'd never seen such a logical explanation. It made total sense.
— Frank Holt, patient
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