Using BiteFX to Enhance Dental Practice Marketing

  • What distinguishes your practice from the others?
  • Are you treating occlusal disease (and hence healing associated symptoms in various patients like chronic headaches, recurring tooth problems, uncomfortable bites, minor TMJ disorders)?
  • Do people know this ability sets you apart from neighboring dentists?
  • Do your patients and staff understand enough about occlusion that they can explain to their friends why you are different and better?

Enhancing Dental Practice Marketing with BiteFX

BiteFX helps position your practice as one that offers better dentistry by:

  • Giving you great visuals that make an impact.
  • Helping you put every staff member in the picture of why occlusion is important so they can clearly explain to prospective patients why they should come to your practice.
  • Making your explanations of occlusal concepts and occlusion-based treatment plans crystal clear so that more people accept your recommendations and go on to recommend you to their friends and colleagues.
  • Putting you in the position of being the expert and the one concerned enough to spend the time with your patients. Because BiteFX is designed as a clinical tool, you tailor the presentations to each patient: it they are learning quickly, you move on quickly; if they need a bit longer to take in a point, you give them a bit longer.
  • Explaining on your website why you use BiteFX (aided by the BiteFX Marketing Media Kit) communicates clearly that your practice has a different approach.

Learn for yourself how BiteFX is an important component of a dental practice marketing plan:

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What people are saying about BiteFX::

BiteFX has been an amazing addition to our consultation experience! Our patients, both new and existing, have given rave
— Richard Rogers, DDS
The QuickStart training showed us how to customize the BiteFX consultation for each individual patient.
— Teresa Brenner, Office Manager - Robert Demboski DDS
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