What Provides You

BiteFX helps you communicate key concepts to your patients, always keeping a healthy occlusion in mind. Because your patients can see how their teeth, jaws and muscles ought to work, they are better able to accept your treatment recommendations.

Explaining tough concepts like occlusion need no longer be a challenge - BiteFX gives you the visual explanations that make things obvious.

BiteFX has three membership levels: Basic, Gold and Platinum.

Here’s a brief description of what they provide you.

All Membership Levels (Basic, Gold and Platinum):

  • BiteFX presentation software for Windows with
    • Over 150 animations
    • 150 occlusion-related photos
    • Over 60 preconfigured, ready-to-use presentations (combinations of animations and photos) ranging from simple topic-focused explanations to longer presentations that tell a story.
      These are delivered in 5 presentation sets (Dawson Starter, Staff Training, Hygienist, Detailed Presentations and Issues and Treatments)
    • Import your own photos
    • Drag and drop presentation creation and customization
    • Easy-to-use animation play modes (slider drag, play/pause, play speed, frame-by-frame)
    • Configurable PDF summary reports of what you present
    • Editable notes
    • Import, export and duplicate presentation sequences
    • Auto-play of presentation sequences
    • Licenses to install on up to 8 computers
  • Regular animation updates
  • Free software upgrades
  • Unlimited product support
  • Access to online training videos and articles
  • Cancel-any-time agreement
  • 6-month full money back guarantee

Gold Membership Adds:

  • BiteFX presentation software on the iPad
  • Popular for closer communication with patients and its easy portability.

Platinum Membership Adds:

  • BiteFX presentation software on the iPad
  • Free access to monthly BiteFX Insiders’ Secrets and Tips Webinars (a $150-per-month value)
  • Access to recordings of all previous Insiders’ Secrets and Tips Webinars (a rich treasury of useful knowledge)
  • Library of marketing tips and tools, AND
  • Unlimited BiteFX QuickStart coaching whenever you or your staff need it

Going Beyond Features Lists

These lists and words give the bare facts.

What the BiteFX tools and memberships provide you is much more powerful than mere words can convey.

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