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The blank stare removal tool!

By providing animations of difficult-to-understand concepts, BiteFX:

  • Invigorates dentist-patient communication
  • Enables staff to understand why occlusion and other topics are important for patient health
  • Equips hygienists as the dentist’s front-line eyes and communicator
  • Helps dentists learn complex concepts quickly

Better educated patients:

  • Feel more cared-for
  • Take ownership of their problems
  • Seek the right solutions

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We Help You…


We provide dentists with:

  • Animations, photos and a presentation tool (BiteFX) so you can explain your occlusal-based treatments quickly and effectively.
  • A community of like-minded dentists who share what they do to make their occlusion-focused practices successful.
  • Coaching and support in using BiteFX effectively so you are never alone

We also refer patients to dentists who can help them with their occlusal issues.


Below is a small selection of animations that BiteFX provides showcasing a few of the concepts that can be
easily explained when using BiteFX: (Note: the following are just snapshots, not the actual animations)

Full Splint

This animation shows several design features of a full coverage occlusal splint (also called "orthotic", "appliance", "magu" depending on your background and preference). It was designed in order to best explain why wearing a full coverage splint helps release tension and settle the condyle back into place while the patient sleeps.


This animation shows how "equilibration" works. Equilibration is the process of carefully sculpting the teeth so that when the teeth are comfortably together the jaw is fully seated (in its centric relation, CR, position).


This animation shows an accelerated bruxing of the upper and lower canines leading to an abfraction on a premolar once canine guidance is lost.

Sleep Apnea:

This animation illustrates how sleep apnea can be caused and how a relatively simple appliance (which you, as their dentist, provide) can help alleviate the problem.

Correcting Supra Eruption:

This animation shows the process of correcting front teeth after they have supra erupted. Braces are applied to reset the teeth back to their normal stopping point (prior to the supra eruption). Once the teeth have been shifted back to their correct position, veneers are added to rebuild the worn teeth and prevent future supra eruption from happening.

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