BiteFX® on iPad®

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Using BiteFX on the iPad adds:

  • Portable convenience
  • A more up-close and personal feel to your occlusal treatment presentations
  • Ability to communicate occlusal concepts wherever you (and your iPad) may be
BiteFX on the iPad

For example: a quick demonstration to a patient in an operatory that doesn't have a PC, or an explanation to a local physician over lunch.

Main Benefits
Detailed Features
How to Obtain BiteFX on the iPad


BiteFX helps you communicate the key concepts of occlusion to your clients. Because your clients can see how their bite ought to work they are better able to accept your treatment recommendations. Explaining occlusion need no longer be a challenge - BiteFX gives you the visual explanations that make things obvious.


  • Over 100 stunning and impactful animations based on 2D and 3D computer models of the skull, jaw and teeth
  • New animations added regularly for BiteFX subscribers
  • Easy to use interface designed to help you present the concepts to your patients
  • Like the Windows version we make you the expert in your patients' eyes
  • Establishes you as a technical-savvy expert on occlusion

Main Benefits

  • Increases case acceptance for occlusion-related treatment plans (most say BiteFX pays for itself within the first couple of weeks)
  • Have BiteFX with you wherever you are so you don't miss an opportunity to help dental and medical colleagues understand why you are different.
  • Enhances relationships with patients as they can see in their hands why your occlusion understanding is important.

Detailed Features

As in BiteFX on Windows, you will find the animations help you to communicate many occlusally-related concepts of which the following is a sample list:

  • Proper position of the TMJ
  • Elements of the TMJ assembly
  • Function of the bi-concave articular disc
  • Need for TMJ to be fully seated with teeth contacting simultaneously
  • Centric relation
  • Centric occlusion and maximum intercuspation
  • Opening/closing motion of the jaw
  • Normal coordinated muscle function (digastric, masseters, temporalis, lateral pterygoids)
  • Muscle functions: opening, closing, positioning
  • Only closing muscles in tension when the bite is closed
  • Coordinated activity of the upper and lower pterygoid muscles
  • Anterior guidance - forward and sideways movement
  • How molars should separate with healthy anterior guidance
  • Why fixing front teeth first makes sense
  • How molars should contact (peaks to valleys)
  • Why quality lab work is important
  • How all teeth should come together

Having helped you establish an understanding of the stable bite, it illustrates these elements of a destructive bite:

  • TMJ not in centric relation
  • Lateral pterygoid overwork to hold jaw on slope of eminence
  • Strain on the articular disc
  • Articular disc distortion over time
  • TMJ disorders are a progressive disease
  • Causes of jaw clicking
  • Cause of jaw locking
  • Possible TMJ bone deterioration

Bruxing molars and its effects on:

  • Teeth (loosening, wearing, fracturing)
  • Muscles
  • Nerve sensitivity

Bruxing canines and the effects of loss of canine guidance:

  • Molar loosening
  • Abfractions
  • Gum and bone recession

How incorrect molar contact can lead to loosening teeth effects of lack of anterior guidance on the molars:

  • Nerve sensitivity
  • Root canal problems
  • Wear
  • Looseness
  • Gum and bone recession
  • Fractures

Why interference effects produce a repositioning of the jaw in a more comfortable bite position:

  • Balancing interferences
  • Fremitus
  • Restricted envelope function
  • Knife-edge front tooth wear
  • Mal-occlusion leading to total dentition destruction
  • TMJ causes of headaches
  • How food gets stuck between apparently close-fitting teeth

How jaw position can change between taking an impression and fitting a crown on a rear molar, and hence why it is important to establish a stable jaw position before taking impressions.
BiteFX then helps you explain the following treatments:

  • How use of a splint/orthotic can help seat the jaw and ease or remove symptoms
  • Detailed features incorporated into the design of a proper full coverage splint such as having a great fit, multiple contacts when the jaw is fully seated, angle of the contact plane, and anterior guidance
  • Full coverage and anterior splints/orthotics shown
  • Use of a leaf gauge
  • Equilibration
  • Rebuilding a totally destroyed dentition
  • Use of implants
  • How taking bite impressions with the jaw fully seated avoids problems when fitting crowns on rear molars


The BiteFX app is extremely easy to use with clear, uncluttered touch controls:

BiteFX makes it easy to explain the bite

Animations are selected from a panel, identical to the Windows product:

BiteFX iPad animation set

You can create your own presentation sequences of animations by simply unlocking the animation selection panel and dragging the thumbnails to the next blank row:

BiteFX iPad custom animation sequence

Every animation has an info topic that you can display when reviewing the animations:

BiteFX iPad animation topic information

How to Obtain BiteFX on the iPad

To install the basic (free) version of BiteFX that comes with just six animations, search for BiteFX on the App Store and install the free app.

IMPORTANT! When you want to purchase BiteFX come back to this website and purchase the BiteFX Occlusion Animations with the BiteFX Subscription. This provides you with the full set of BiteFX animations on Windows AND the iPad PLUS other subscription benefits. You will have a login ID and password that you use to download the full content to the iPad app. The Purchase option in the app is intended for those who only find BiteFX through the App Store and, if you are reading this page, that is not you!

Outside USA::
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What people are saying about BiteFX::

BiteFX is a fantastic tool for explaining occlusion, TM joint function and dysfunction to my patients. I would not practice without it!
— Ian W. Tester DDS, MSc
Using BiteFX was so easy.
— Mike Viale, DDS
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