BiteFX V1.0/V1.1 End-of-Life

Email sent to all BiteFX V1.0 and BiteFX V1.1 customers on August 11, 2011:

I'm writing to advise you of a change in our technical support policy for BiteFX V1.0 and BiteFX V1.1, effective October 1, 2011.

This letter provides details of how this might affect you and what steps you can take to ensure that BiteFX continues to enhance your revenues.

BiteFX V1.0 and BiteFX V1.1 Support Ending September 30, 2011

We are giving notice that support for BiteFX V1.0 and BiteFX V1.1 will be ending as we are finding that upgrades to Windows and other software mean that we cannot guarantee that even a simple reinstall and re-register of these versions will work. As BiteFX V1.0 is now 6 years old and V1.1 is 3 years old this is to be expected in the fast-moving world of computer software.

After September 30, 2011, any request for support, including re-registering copies of BiteFX, will be given the same response "You must upgrade to the current release of BiteFX!"

As our upgrade pricing is very reasonable we trust you will not find this an onerous requirement!

As long as nothing changes on your computers and no problems occur (such as disk crashes) your current version of BiteFX should continue to work as it does today. Your only concern should be when you have to upgrade your computer, operating system, or other software products which affect BiteFX.

To be sure that you are not caught in a situation of needing to upgrade BiteFX just before you have an important patient consultation your best policy is, of course, to upgrade now. You can purchase the upgrade on our website ( or by calling us (1-530-582-1189) (I'm not including a link to maximise the chance of this email getting to you).

We believe this notice provides you with sufficient time in which to act and trust that BiteFX is serving you as well as we hear it is for so many of our customers.

Doug Brown
D2Effects LLC

Outside USA::
(+1) 530-582-1189

What people are saying about BiteFX::

Thanks for the BiteFX software it is absolute magic and just what I have been wishing for for the past 20 years! Brilliant, thanks for making my life easier and helping patients too!
— Charley Varipapa, DDS
Love it! Love it! Love it! BiteFX has been a fantastic addition to our treatment process.
— Raj Upadya, DMD
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