Why Makes Financial Sense
for Occlusion Focused Dentists

Study Shows That Increase In Splint Sales Justifies Your Investment

Splints – The Most Basic Treatment for Occlusal Disease

As an occlusion expert you know that one of the simplest treatments you can offer to ease patients’ occlusal issues is an occlusal splint.

With a simple, specifically-designed splint you can give your patients the experience of an ideal occlusion, with relaxed muscles, chronic pain relief, and protection from grinding.

Splint Challenges – Understanding and/or Time

However, not all patients accept the recommended splint therapy. Previous night guard experiences discourage them from trying another. They don’t understand the geometry and dynamics of their jaws nor how that relates to the health of their teeth, so they doubt what you are telling them and hesitate to make the financial commitment.

Or perhaps you offer great explanations, but those explanations take up too much of your valuable time.

How To Help Your Patients Understand Their Need For Your Splints

Your occlusal splints have specific design features that are best appreciated when your patient understands some elementary occlusal concepts: protrusive guidance, lateral guidance, multiple even contacts, fully seated condyles, and relaxed lateral pterygoid muscles on closure.

Although these concepts are now second-nature to you, they are not obvious to your patients.

A few simple BiteFX animations can make those concepts clear to your patients. It’s exciting to see how quickly people understand and appreciate what you are offering when they watch the animations.

Average Profit on Splints = $754.50

In 2016, BiteFX analyzed financial data from 12 dentists who prescribe a variety of splint therapy appliances for their patients.

The data included their labor, material and lab costs, and what they charged their patients.

The study found that per-splint profits varied from $230 to $1,900 depending on the treatments offered with the splints, with an average net profit of $754.50 per splint.


117% - 1,032% Return On Investment Based On ONLY 1 To 3 Splints Per Month

Using the average net profit of $754.50 per splint, the table below shows how the small monthly investment in BiteFX and using BiteFX to increase your splint treatment acceptance rates, gives you a quick return on your investment.

    Basic Gold Platinum
    $ %ROI $ %ROI $ %ROI
Monthly Membership Cost   $200.00   $275.00   $347.00  
Net Profit @ +1 Incremental Splint Case/Month   $554.50 277% $479.50 174% $407.50 117%
Net Profit @ +2 Incremental Splint Case/Month   $1,309.00 655% $1,234.00 449% $1,162.00 335%
Net Profit @ +3 Incremental Splint Case/Month   $2,063.50 1032% $1,988.50 723% $1,916.50 552%

These Figures Are Your Minimum ROI When Using BiteFX

You can tell from the dentists’ quotes that many are seeing ROIs far in excess of those shown in the above table.

Using BiteFX to increase your occlusal splint acceptance rates is just a single example of how you can use BiteFX.

You will be using BiteFX in many interactions with your patients, helping them understand how you are different from other dentists and why your treatment recommendations are important to their dental health.


Dr. Chris Toomey comments:

“Splint therapy sets up the next step of treatment which can lead to equilibration, orthodontics, and other means of bite correction.”


Dr. Rick Rogers adds:

“Getting a patient out of pain also leads to trust and future acceptance of treatment as the relationship strengthens.”

So although splint therapy is the starting point for many, it is just that, the starting point. BiteFX helps you open the door to a long-term relationship of trust with your patient.

We trust that, like other BiteFX members, you will find that you never have to revisit the ROI question as, like Dr. Hal Stewart, you will find:

“This software is so vital in helping me move my patients forward that the cost is irrelevant compared to what it does for my practice, and my patients.”

Lastly – BiteFX Saves Time

Used wisely (i.e. don’t start giving your patients lectures in occlusal theory!) BiteFX helps you communicate the critical concepts your patients need to understand quickly and effectively.

If you have been using other tools such as skulls, TMJ Tutor, or sketches, you will find BiteFX pays for itself just in the time it saves you in giving your patients the understanding they need.