About BiteFX

"BiteFX" is the name of the primary product created by D2Effects LLC, but we also do business as "BiteFX" to save confusion for those who only know the product name.

Our main goals are:

  • Provide products that help dentists explain occlusion
  • Thereby increase case acceptance and practice revenues
  • Help teachers of dentists communicate occlusion understanding more effectively

About D2Effects

D2Effects is the company responsible for creating BiteFX. It is a joint venture of Dynamic Thought LLC and Donald Reid, DDS. D2Effects' mission is to provide products that help dentists understand and explain the concepts of occlusion with a particular focus on using computer animations. D2Effects is based in the North Lake Tahoe area of California but takes advantage of the Internet to link an international team of software developers, graphic artists and animators to produce its products. A network of occlusion-aware dentists and experts help refine the product and ensure the information communicated is accurate and reliable.

Dynamic Thought

Dynamic Thought provides the vision of using computer animations to explain concepts and the expertise of creating and delivering highly usable software products. Established in 2001, by Doug Brown, an experienced software product producer, Dynamic Thought has been prototyping a number of its ideas and developing supporting software. BiteFX is the first full product release produced by Dynamic Thought.

Donald N. Reid DDS

Don practices fee for service dentistry in paradise (i.e. Lake Tahoe, California). He emphasizes dental artistry, implant surgery, oral plastic surgery and occlusion. He believes dentistry is primarily a behavioral science which propels his clinical practice. His philosophy, paperless office and complete treatment planning contribute to client/practice success. Don uses a surgical operating room microscope for all of his clinical procedures.

  • Don is a founder of the "Congress of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry" (2002)
  • Featured by Tom Peters, management guru and best selling author, in "On Achieving Excellence"
  • Behavioral consultant for Selection Research Institute, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • And now: co-developer of BiteFX.

Website: Donald Reid Dental Artistry

Presenter: Don regularly presents to study clubs and similar groups. Checkout Donald Reid in the Directory of Dental Speakers.

Contacting Us

We are always interested to hear your questions, feedback, comments and suggestions about our products.

By mail:
D2Effects LLC,
11445 Cinder Cone Court,
Truckee, CA 96161

By email:
Send a note to info@bitefx.com, unless you need technical support, in which case we ask that you use the link on the Support page.

By phone:
1-877-2BiteFX (1-877-224-8339)
International (+1) 530-582-1189

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Outside USA::
(+1) 530-582-1189

What people are saying about BiteFX::

BiteFX made dealing with occlusal factors very simple. Clients are amazed they've never been educated about this before.
— Don Reid, DDS
One of the best tutorials I've seen for explaining occlusal disease to patients. The reasons for occlusal therapy are explained with excellent animations and anatomic accuracy.
— Peter Dawson, DDS
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