BiteFX Monthly Marketing Tools for the Occlusion Aware Practice

As part of the BiteFX Platinum Insider's Circle each month you will receive a marketing piece that you can use to help promote your practice.

These are produced by Curtis Group, a marketing consultancy that specializes in dental practice marketing.

  • Professionally produced materials
  • Multi-media: brochures, print ads, videos (for use on your website), radio ads, event guides, … Give yourself a complete set of occlusion-focused marketing materials!
  • Ready to go (with addition of your contact information)
  • Provided with instructions on how best to use
  • Focus on your strengths as an occlusion-aware and BiteFX-using practice
  • SAVES YOU TIME in creating your own materials (coming up with the ideas, writing the content, reviewing the implementation, making corrections, reviewing again, submitting to publishers etc.)
  • SAVES YOU MONEY in paying professionals to implement your ideas
  • GIVES YOU NEW IDEAS – you may not use everything we give you but our ideas may seed even better ideas for your practice
  • Printing available through Curtis Group at very competitive rates
  • Specific tailoring requests (e.g. integrating logos) supported economically by Curtis Group

Examples: Patient brochures, newspaper ads, online ads, guides for putting on local marketing events …

Monthly Marketing Patient Brochures
Patient brochure for communicating how you can help
Monthly Marketing Newspaper Ads
Newspaper ads help bring in new patients and distinguish you from other dentists

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What people are saying about BiteFX::

BiteFX is a fantastic tool for explaining occlusion, TM joint function and dysfunction to my patients. I would not practice without it!
— Ian W. Tester DDS, MSc
Using BiteFX was so easy.
— Mike Viale, DDS
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