Upgrade to BiteFX V2.0w for Windows

Here's why you will want to upgrade to the latest version on Windows!

Benefits to Your Practice
Feature Highlights

BiteFX V2 Leaf Gauge Animation
Stunning animations with easy play controls
BiteFX V2 Full Panel Selections
Visual full-panel selection
BiteFX V2 Produce Reports
Print/email presentation reports

Benefits to Your Practice

  • Much easier to use interface saving you time and improving your presentations.
  • Many new animations help motivate patients to act now.
  • Help patients remember why they need your treatment by giving them automatically generated summaries of what you discussed.
  • Enhance your patient records with automatically generated presentation reports.
  • The new subscription program enables you to participate in the maintenance and evolution of a product you rely upon.

Feature Highlights

If you have BiteFX V1.2 or checked it out, here's what we added to the latest BiteFX on Windows:

New style interface giving:

Easier panel selection of animations

See all available animations at once (on most modern screens).

Click on desired animation to play.

BiteFX V2 Animation Panel

Easier panel selection of photos

See all available photos – including all the albums you import.

Click on desired picture to view.

BiteFX V2 Picture Panel

Drag and drop creation of your own sequences of animations AND photos

(i.e. fast creation of presentations).

Feature built-in to the animation and picture selection panels (partially hidden in previous two snapshots).

BiteFX V2 Sequence Panel Anims
BiteFX V2 Sequence Panel Pictures

Import multiple photo albums

(Imported albums have white borders in this snapshot)

Simply click on "Add new" to select an album (folder) with your desired pictures.

BiteFX V2 Albums View

Animation play speed adjustment in main menu

Simply slide the speed control up and down to control the speed at which the animation plays – while it is playing.

BiteFX V2 Animation Speed Control

15 new animations including:

Detailed splint features

BiteFX V2 Full Coverage Splint Detailed

Use of leaf gauge

BiteFX V2 Leaf Gauge

Total destruction of dentition

BiteFX V2 Interference to Destruction

Rebuilding from total destruction

BiteFX V2 Rebuilding to Full Health


BiteFX V2 Fremitus Edge to Edge

Restricted envelope of function causing knife-edge wear

BiteFX V2 Envelope Of Function Knife Edge Wear

Knife-edge wear of front teeth from bruxing

BiteFX V2 Knife Edge Anterior Wear

Balancing interferences

BiteFX V2 Balancing Interference

All animations re-rendered in high definition

- giving higher visual quality and good looks on large screens.

BiteFX V1.2 ResolutionDetail from earlier release animation
BiteFX V2 ResolutionDetail from V2 animation

Many new photographs

Some examples:

Implant Stages

- nine in all, showing each step in implant delivery

Implant Stage 2Implant Stage 2
Implant Stage 4Implant Stage 4
Implant Stage 8Implant Stage 8

Occlusion Tools

Splint ProtrusiveSplint with protrusive guidance
Leaf GaugeLeaf Gauge

Traumatic Bites

Ruined SmileRuined smile
Slide Space FrSpace suddenly appeared
Frem Loose TthFremitis-caused loose tooth

Patient Report

Ability to record what you present to a patient

- and email/ print/ write-to-disk a PDF report containing snapshots and notes of what was presented.

You simply click on the Start Recording button, give a name for your session (e.g. your patient's name) and BiteFX keeps track of all you show your patient.

At the end of your session you can add introductory and/or concluding notes, exclude any items that weren't relevant, and produce the report for your patient and/or your records.

BiteFX V2 Session Report

Automatic download of new animations and updates

New animations will be provided regularly.

BiteFX will tell you when they are ready, and you can install these updates whenever you wish.

BiteFX V2 Updates

Many other helpful enhancements, such as:

A circular slider control that gives even playing of animations regardless of their length.

Rotating the slider by a given amount always advances the animation by the same number of frames.

BiteFX V2 Circular Slider Control

Ability to hide imported photos so patients needn't see each others' pictures.

You can select individual albums (or all imported albums).

BiteFX V2 Hidden Albums

Wherever pictures from the hidden albums are displayed their images are hidden.

BiteFX V2 Hidden Pictures

Ability to review reports before giving them to your patients, add your own introduction and conclusion, and edit any of the provided notes.

BiteFX V2 Review Edit Session Notes

Ability to see the BiteFX event log – a list of all the items you have viewed/played.

Allows you to mark a patient session if you forgot to start recording.

Allows you to exclude items from your report if you didn't mean to show them or they proved to be irrelevant.

BiteFX V2 Recording Event Log
Outside USA::
(+1) 530-582-1189

What people are saying about BiteFX::

BiteFX is an awesome, revolutionary product.
— Steve Killian, CDT Killian Dental Ceramics
Love it! Love it! Love it! BiteFX has been a fantastic addition to our treatment process.
— Raj Upadya, DMD
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