BiteFX Memberships

There are three levels of memberships available:

  1. BiteFX Basic
  2. BiteFX Gold
  3. BiteFX Platinum Insiders' Circle

All new BiteFX memberships:

  • Are paid monthly
  • Can be cancelled at any time
  • The Gold and Platinum levels come with a 6-MONTH MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE (provided the subscriber has taken at least one QuickStart coaching session – the first session is available for free on request to non-Platinum subscribers)

Membership Tiers

BiteFX Basic

  • Use of BiteFX for Windows with up to 8 licenses
  • Regular animation updates
  • Free software upgrades
  • Unlimited technical support
  • BiteFX Marketing Media Kit

BiteFX Gold

All of Basic benefits plus:

BiteFX Platinum Insiders' Circle

All of Gold benefits plus:

For those who are serious about having a strong occlusion-based practice, we recommend the Platinum Insiders' Circle because it:

  • Helps you get started – so your software doesn't lie idle.
  • Helps your staff see the benefits for occlusion and BiteFX so they support you and can do some introductory presentations themselves, preparing the patients to accept your plans
  • Provides you with ongoing support in the form of articles, newsletters, webinars, and further coaching so that your effectiveness continues to grow
  • Provides monthly animation updates that expand the range of topics covered and helps you explain more treatments that may have been fuzzy to patients
  • Provides monthly marketing aids so that you can build your business beyond where you are today
  • Keeps up-to-date with operating system and hardware changes so you don't have to worry about relying on software that will go away some time in the future

You don't just get a piece of software but all the support you need to use it effectively and have a thriving occlusion-based practice.

Outside USA::
(+1) 530-582-1189

What people are saying about BiteFX::

When my dentist used the animations to show me the reason all of my back teeth were worn down and loose, I immediately accepted his entire treatment recommendations. I'd never seen such a logical explanation. It made total sense.
— Frank Holt, patient
Love it! Love it! Love it! BiteFX has been a fantastic addition to our treatment process.
— Raj Upadya, DMD
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